Why the language we use around food & health matters:

We all know the old “sticks and stones” saying but the truth is: words can hurt and the way we use them matters.

When we’re talking about food, health, nutrition, wellness, many of the words used can make it much more complicated and confusing than it needs to be. Labels like ‘healthy’ ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘guilt-free’ don’t have actual definitions, so while it might seem helpful to use them, they don’t actually hold much weight. For clients, one of the first things we work on is calling out and changing the way we talk about food and our bodies - a lot of the thoughts and beliefs around health and looks come from these messages in the media and in food marketing. Which leads to the other piece of the puzzle where these messages are coming from: the media and food marketing.



Why “Guilt Free” Foods are B.S.

Guilt is not an ingredient, yet you’ll see all kinds of foods and eating programs advertising that their product is ‘guilt free’ - what gives? Learn about the behind the scenes of food marketing and what these labels are actually doing for your health and relationship with food.


If I don’t diet, what about my health?

We have mounting evidence to show that diets and dieting are not as beneficial for our health as you once thought. Even though diet actually means ‘habitual nourishment’ aka. the way that we eat. It’s often used to mean a quick-fix, short-term and extreme way of eating and restricting that normally makes you feel out of control and guilty around foods. Instead, by focusing on your relationship with food, your medical history, needs and lifestyle, we can find a way of eating that supports your life - not takes over your life.


Mindful Eating & Satisfaction Guide

Ready to take the first step in healing our relationship with food and your body? Download this 10-page comprehensive guide and get started. Guide includes: overview of mindful eating and importance of satisfaction, 3 pages of exercises to do at home and a 5-minute mindful eating experiment, plus resources for more information.


Will you tell me what to eat? What about nutrition?

Myth #243: Nutrition goes out the window with a non-diet approach. That’s false! Instead we’ll focus on building a stable foundation - your relationship with food and your body. Then, we’ll layer in nutrition information. Think about it like building a house, first you build the foundation, then you can start to paint and decorate according to your lifestyle. We can’t start painting until there’s a solid structure.