Kelly K. Roberts

Kelly of She Can & She Did. Photo credit:  Harry Hall

Kelly of She Can & She Did. Photo credit: Harry Hall

I could not be more excited to kick off The Wellful Faces features with Kelly. If you don't already follow her on social media, or you haven't seen her running marathons across the world, vlogging, running and vlogging or sharing her wisdom online, now is your chance! Kelly is changing the way we think about health by showing us not only what strength looks like, but what it feels like.  Her daily vlog series take you through what it's REALLY like to set a goal and work for it (ie. train for a marathon hint: freaking hard!!). She shares her successes just as much as her setbacks and will make you laugh out loud along the way. Kelly is one of the reasons I decided to go out of my comfort zone and run the NYC Marathon in 2016 and she continues to inspire women around the world to challenge the stigmas of running and find joy and accomplishment in the sport and themselves. She's started the community movements #sportsbrasquad and #badassladygang which she explains in this interview. Kelly most recently launched her new platform She Can & She Did, a community storytelling platform dedicated to redefining what strength looks and feels like.


SO let’s start off with introductions, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Kelly Roberts! I live in Brooklyn New York, I’m approaching the tail end of my
twenties, and I’m on a mission to empower women to find strength in every single aspect of their lives.


How did you start? What was the inspiration behind Run Selfie Repeat and She Can & She Did?

I went viral for taking selfies with “hot guys” behind me while I tried to survive a half marathon and with the attention it got me, I was encouraged to start a blog. Four years later, I’m a professional blogger! She Can & She Did is the name of my latest website and it’s a storytelling platform for women to share their voices and find an inclusive, driven, and strong community.


You call yourself the Former President of the I’ F*cking Hate Running Club’ what would you say is your relationship to running now?

Running is really, really hard. I’m about ten weeks into marathon training so right now, I’m very much in the “I f*cking hate running” club. But it’s to be expected. Running a marathon is really challenging! That’s what makes it life changing. The difference today is that I know that I can struggle or feel like I’m drowning and know that it doesn’t mean that I’m not cut out for it. I know that it will get better and I will get stronger if I can keep fighting. We all have good and bad days, it’s just a matter of finding the perspective and drive along the way.


You blog, vlog, podcast, and engage on social, (all while running!) do you have a favorite?

Podcasting is definitely my favorite medium thus far. I love being able to sit down, write an episode, and then tweak it until it’s ready to be heard. It’s always hard to hear myself but it’s been oddly transformational to be able to go back and listen to past episodes. It amazes me how often I have to learn and relearn things.


What’s your advice to someone who wants to start running but thinks they aren’t a “runner” or aren’t good “enough”?

It doesn’t matter how badly you want something, it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it. If you aren’t athletic, you are going to have a tough time. I know because I’m not athletic and I too had a tougher time!

BUT, just because you struggle more at something than someone else doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set a goal and fight for it. ANYONE can become a runner. Personally, I don’t care what someone does, I’m a champion for getting and staying active in ways that empower you. If that’s surfing, do that. If that’s dancing, do that. Getting active isn’t about weight loss, it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t fill you with dread.


What’s the #badassladygang and #sportsbrasquad and who can join?

Both the #BadassLadyGang and the #SportsBraSquad are communities of women kicking ass and taking names. The #SportsBraSquad is an initiative I started back in 2016 encouraging women to shed their shirts along with their insecurities and redefine what strength looks like. I think it’s really, really important that we have representation of different body types because up until recently, strength always had one look in the media. It was slim and slender. But strength doesn’t look a certain way, it feels a certain way. EMPOWERED.

The #BadassLadyGang is the community of women within the She Can & She Did family. As
long as you show up ready to put your strongest foot forward and support the women around you, you’re in.


What’s been the biggest learning curve with growing your brand and sharing your life online?

Staying relevant. It’s really, really hard to find ways to stay relevant and buzzy while staying true to your message.


What do you hope someone takes away after seeing your website, or Instagram?

I really hope that anyone who sees my platforms or website walks away knowing that they aren’t alone in whatever they’re struggling with. That doubt isn’t a one-way street to failure and that they can do anything they put their minds to if they’re willing to work for it. And most importantly,

I hope people see that it’s ok to laugh at themselves. WE TAKE OURSELVES SO


What’s your dream job?



Take us through a typical (or not-so-typical) day!

My days are actually fairly boring. I’m a total homebody and I love going to bed early so I tend to stay home whenever I can. But, a typical day for me goes like this –
6:30: Wake up.
6:30-6:45: Check social media and emails.
7:00-7:45: Make/Drink coffee, sit in my airpants (compression pants that blow up with air), and listen to the podcasts “The Daily” or start an episode of “Pod Save America”, and journal.
8:00: Get dressed for a run.
8:30: Head out for my run.
9:30-10:00: Shower and get dressed.
10:00-11:00: Answer emails.
11:00-7:00: Edit and write articles, update pitch decks, work on my training programs, edit
video, write and record a podcast episode.
7:00: Make dinner.

7:30-7:45 Eat dinner.
8:00-9:00: Foam roll and watch TV or a movie.
9:00: Bedtime.


What’s your biggest goal as of now? (personal or brand-related)

A personal goal of mine is to be more assertive. I have a really hard time taking risks when I’m not 100% sure of an outcome. So, I’m trying to put myself out there and pitch myself more.


What’s something you’re currently obsessed with? (people, things, products, habits, places - can be anything!)

I am obsessed with an Australian reality show called Bondi Rescue. I found it on Netflix and I INSTANTLY fell in love with how nice the guys on the show are. (And attractive. They’re all
really, really, really attractive.) It’s refreshing to see a reality show that doesn’t feature people behaving badly.


What does “health” mean to you?

Health, to me, means balance and strength.


How do you see (or hope to see) our perception of health changing in the near future?

The day that women stop actuating their worth to their waist size is the day I can die happy.


How can readers keep up with you? Social handles and platforms!

My blog is and across social media, I’m @KellyKKRoberts

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