"Goodbye Guilt" Guide

"Goodbye Guilt" Guide


The way we talk about food impacts our behaviors around food and how we feel about ourselves - we need to change it! This guide focuses on changing the language we use around food, how we talk to ourselves and strategies for self-compassion.

This guide is for you if:

-you’ve dieted in the past or have rules around food that make you feel bad or guilty when you break them

-you’re working on healing your relationship with food & your body but don’t know where to start - start here!

-you didn’t even realize that the way you talk about food has an impact on your health and want to learn more

-you want practical tips & strategies for reframing negative self-talk and thoughts to be more mindful and productive

What this guide includes:

-Diet words to Ditch: 9 words & phrases to kick out of your vocabulary so you can start to reframe your relationship with food and your body

-Self-Talk: 2 positive affirmation exercises that you can do anywhere

-Exercise for how to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

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