The Wellful’s Philosophy

The way we see it overall health and wellness is influenced by three main categories: Personal relationship with food, the messages you get from food marketing, and how the media portrays nutrition and health.


Food marketing

The messages on food can tell us about the great ingredients in a food, but they can also paint the black & white picture of some foods being ‘good’ and others being ‘bad’ - which leads consumers to feeling guilt and shame around certain foods (spoiler: that’s not health-promoting). Schedule a free discovery call for a check-in on your brand’s message and how you can create a more mindful and healthful brand.


Health Messages from news & media

The language used around food and health in the media can make it seem like the only version of ‘health’ is spartan races on the weekends, celery juice during the week and #cheatdays once a month (no thanks). As consumers we need to be better equipped to read between the headlines, and as media outlets, we need to be more mindful of the language we use and messages we share.


individual relationship with food & your body

As a result of the confusing messages we receive about health from social media, news and food marketing, the majority of people have a period or lifetime of disordered eating or increased stress over food, their body and their health. We all have areas we can improve upon in our relationship with food and our bodies. We’re taught how to diet but not often taught how to eat for satisfaction, enjoyment & nutrition. Working 1:1 we can address your individual food rules, restriction or bingeing patterns, and how to have a more peaceful, healthy relationship with food.