the wellful is here to:

Make nutrition less confusing.

The Wellful is here to help you feel your best, without feeling obsessed. (no fad diets, quick fixes or guilt required!)

From working 1:1 to feel more confident around your food choices, to helping food brands solidify their message and products, to simplifying the science behind the latest wellness trends - The Wellful has you covered.


The Wellful’s Philosophy

The way we see it overall health and wellness is influenced by three main categories: Personal relationship with food, the messages you get from food marketing, and how the media portrays nutrition and health.


Food marketing

The messages on food can tell us about the great ingredients in a food, but they can also paint the black & white picture of some foods being ‘good’ and others being ‘bad’ - which leads consumers to feeling guilt and shame around certain foods (spoiler: that’s not health-promoting). Schedule a free discovery call for a check-in on your brand’s message and how you can create a more mindful and healthful brand.


Health Messages from news & media

The language used around food and health in the media can make it seem like the only version of ‘health’ is spartan races on the weekends, celery juice during the week and #cheatdays once a month (no thanks). As consumers we need to be better equipped to read between the headlines, and as media outlets, we need to be more mindful of the language we use and messages we share.


individual relationship with food & your body

As a result of the confusing messages we receive about health from social media, news and food marketing, the majority of people have a period or lifetime of disordered eating or increased stress over food, their body and their health. We all have areas we can improve upon in our relationship with food and our bodies. We’re taught how to diet but not often taught how to eat for satisfaction, enjoyment & nutrition. Working 1:1 we can address your individual food rules, restriction or bingeing patterns, and how to have a more peaceful, healthy relationship with food.


Why the language we use around food & health matters:

We all know the old “sticks and stones” saying but the truth is: words can hurt and the way we use them matters.

When we’re talking about food, health, nutrition, wellness, many of the words used can make it much more complicated and confusing than it needs to be. Labels like ‘healthy’ ‘good’ ‘bad’ ‘guilt-free’ don’t have actual definitions, so while it might seem helpful to use them, they don’t actually hold much weight. For clients, one of the first things we work on is calling out and changing the way we talk about food and our bodies - a lot of the thoughts and beliefs around health and looks come from these messages in the media and in food marketing. Which leads to the other piece of the puzzle where these messages are coming from: the media and food marketing.



Why “Guilt Free” Foods are B.S.

Guilt is not an ingredient, yet you’ll see all kinds of foods and eating programs advertising that their product is ‘guilt free’ - what gives? Learn about the behind the scenes of food marketing and what these labels are actually doing for your health and relationship with food.


If I don’t diet, what about my health?

We have mounting evidence to show that diets and dieting are not as beneficial for our health as you once thought. Even though diet actually means ‘habitual nourishment’ aka. the way that we eat. It’s often used to mean a quick-fix, short-term and extreme way of eating and restricting that normally makes you feel out of control and guilty around foods. Instead, by focusing on your relationship with food, your medical history, needs and lifestyle, we can find a way of eating that supports your life - not takes over your life.


Mindful Eating & Satisfaction Guide

Ready to take the first step in healing our relationship with food and your body? Download this 10-page comprehensive guide and get started. Guide includes: overview of mindful eating and importance of satisfaction, 3 pages of exercises to do at home and a 5-minute mindful eating experiment, plus resources for more information.


Will you tell me what to eat? What about nutrition?

Myth #243: Nutrition goes out the window with a non-diet approach. That’s false! Instead we’ll focus on building a stable foundation - your relationship with food and your body. Then, we’ll layer in nutrition information. Think about it like building a house, first you build the foundation, then you can start to paint and decorate according to your lifestyle. We can’t start painting until there’s a solid structure.

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Women in Wellness Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast featuring exciting and inspiring conversations with the women behind the brands, movements and communities that are changing the food, health & wellness landscape. Subscribe to hear entrepreneurs and innovators sharing their stories of how they got to where they are and where they’re going next.



Ali Bonar (@Avokween): CEO & Co-Founder of Kween foods

Ali shares her recovery journey from binge-eating disorder, what it's like to launch a product and business using Instagram, the challenges of creating a new category in the food space, finding mentorship in the food & beverage space and the behind the scenes of starting your own food company and online brand. 


Ep. 5

Jackie London: Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Director at Good Housekeeping

Jackie talks about her new book, “Dressing on the Side," how she landed her #goals job at Good Housekeeping, advice for someone who wants to break into the food and media space, the behind the scenes of food marketing and the one wellness fad she wants to see gone!


Ep. 6

Nekisia Davis: Owner of Early Bird foods & co.

Nekisia talks about about living without the rules or restrictions, finding enjoyment and spreading love through her brand and it's message. 


Food Marketing & Branding

The market for healthy foods and health-driven companies has taken off, but the definition of ‘healthy’ is changing. Not only do consumers want something that’s an amazing product, they want it to be good for their mental and physical health, and have marketing that’s relatable and empowering. As a brand, that means re-evaluating your message to ensure it both highlights your product and tells an effective and honest story. The Wellful combines experience in food marketing, branding and social media strategy with our expertise in communicating the science of nutrition and health to elevate your brand and mission.


can you Help my brand’s messaging?

From your products’ labeling, social strategy & branding, to the PR and messages around your company in the media - let us help!

partnerships and collaborations

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Mindful Eating & Satisfaction Guide

I love the whole thing! Lately I have been trying to tune into my body more about how I feel after I eat something and this is great for that!

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Hey there, I’m Brenna!

I’m a registered dietitian on a mission to make nutrition less confusing so that you can feel your best without feeling obsessed.

Right now, you probably focus on the specifics of health and nutrition - trendy health foods, the timing of meals, what foods you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ eat, maybe you’re a slave to the scale and it dictates your mood for the day. Without a solid foundation of your relationship with food and your body, many of us can relate to having a ‘weird’ period of time with food and weight. I say we start from scratch. Let’s build up from the bottom, unlearn the bogus stuff and re-learn how to eat and appreciate food and your body for health, enjoyment & satisfaction.

I practice from an intuitive eating, mindfulness and Health at Every Size® approach to help brands elevate their products and missions and empower individuals to develop a healthier more peaceful relationship with food.

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