Non-Diet Nutrition Therapy 

Person-centered support from a compassionate registered dietitian


When you work with Brenna, you join a community of thousands who are committed to feeling their best without feeling obsessed. Founded by a non-diet dietitian, The Wellful is a virtual private practice and online community where you’ll find support to feel your best without feeling obsessed – about food, your body, and yourself.

It’s time to ditch diets & food rules

Our specialties

No matter who you are in your relationship with food and your body, The Wellful is here for you! We’re here to uproot diet culture and change the relationship you have with your body for the better. Our goal is to meet you where you are, so if you feel like you don’t resonate with an entire category, or feel between a few of these categories, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Meet Your Dietitian

Brenna is our passionate founder. Through her own experience with disordered eating and passion for marketing, she created The Wellful to foster a  community for humans who feel empowered and supported in challenging diet culture and living authentically aligned with their values. She’s originally from the East Coast but has been calling San Francisco home for the past few years. On any given day you’ll find her drinking a good cappuccino, biking to the beach for sunset, at a yoga class with friends, or exploring the West Coast. Guilt won’t be found anywhere at The Wellful and it definitely won’t be found while chatting with Brenna.



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You’re Probably Wondering…

I work from an intuitive eating, non-diet, mindful approach to nutrition and health. This means that I help clients tune in to their internal cues around hunger, fullness, satisfaction (instead of external cues like timing of meals, meal plans, calorie counts or diets). If you start to think about it, it makes sense! We are all born eating intuitively, eating foods for pleasure, stopping when we’re satisfied and letting someone know (ie. crying!) when we’re hungry. As we grow up in diet culture and are constantly bombarded with food rules, those signals are harder and harder to listen to. We’re often taught how to diet, but not how to eat – for nourishment, satisfaction, enjoyment, experience, etc. By working from a non-diet approach, you can learn to respect and listen to your body in a way that honors your health and gives you the freedom to empower you to eat, move and live your fullest life.

I see all clients 100% virtually! This means that you have the flexibility to schedule a session on your lunch break, on a park bench, at home in your PJs, while you’re on a business trip or anytime in between. Many of my clients have unique work/life schedules and virtual makes it easier for them to fit in appointments. An added bonus is that you don’t need to worry about traffic! We will either Facetime, Skype or talk on the phone for sessions.

I’m accepting new clients! I just opened up a few more spots in my schedule. Once you submit your Free Discovery Call Request below, we can get something on the calendar within 2 weeks. I’m excited to work together!

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