Non-Diet Nutrition Therapy and Body Image Support

Reclaim Your Brain Space and Stop Dieting

Heal Your Relationship With Food and Your Body

How It Works


Discovery Call

You’ll chat with Brenna about what you’re looking for, and learn what working together looks like

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75- Minute Initial Deep Dive

We’ll meet, get started and explore your relationship with food, your body, dieting from childhood to now and make a plan for moving forward


Ongoing support

Follow up sessions, in-between session support, you’ll gain tools, education and encouragement to help you achieve your goals

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A life without food guilt

You’ll gain the tools, support and confidence to navigate diet culture, eat without guilt, make peace with your body, reclaim your brain space and ditch dieting for life, for good

Nutrition Therapy and Body Image Support

The most common reason my clients start working with me: they are tired of spending so much of their time, energy and money dieting, obsessed with food and want their brain space to be free for all the other important things in their life. Do you relate?

With so much conflicting information circulating, it can make you feel more stressed, overwhelmed and overall confused around what to believe and where to start.

Whether you’ve tried every diet in the book, are recovering from disordered eating, want to improve your body image, discover your ‘healthy’ or find food and body freedom, we’re here for you!


What Are Some Signs Of A Disordered Relationship With Food And Your Body?

  • obsessing about your food, appearance or weight
  • comparing what you eat to your friend, partner or influencer on social media
  • feeling like the number on the scale dictates your day; your mood, what you eat or how you exercise
  • always ordering the ‘healthiest’ or lowest calorie option on the menu – even if you want something else
  • feeling inflexible with spontaneous plans or when familiar foods aren’t available
  • compensating in some way for what you ate or will eat
  • feeling guilty after eating
  • feeling out of control around certain foods, or keeping certain foods out of the house to prevent bingeing
  • eating differently when you’re alone vs. with others
  • eating in secret, sneaking or hiding food

Together We Can Make A Plan To Help You Feel Your Best, Without Feeling Obsessed.

What would that look like?


Being able to enjoy a weekend with friends, without feeling like “diet starts Monday”


Not have the number on the scale dictate your day or mood (even say ‘goodbye’ to it for good!)


Learn to trust and work with your body, instead of against it.


Be free from calorie counting, obsessive measuring and guilt around food choices.


You’re able to choose what you want to eat and enjoy it! Not just because it’s the lowest calorie option.

None of this

  • NO calorie counting or macro tracking
  • NO scales or measurements
  • NO guilt – you’ll say ‘goodbye guilt!’
  • NO fad diets, food or body shaming
  • NO quick-fix plans – instead you’ll develop lifelong skills and behaviors
  • NO ‘cheat meals’ – because there are no food rules, there’s nothing to ‘cheat’ on!

Lots of this

  • Unlimited support – I’m your biggest cheerleader and sounding board through the ups and the downs
  • Freedom around food, exercise and body image
  • Learning to tune in to your hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues
  • Rediscovering the joy of eating, without the stress
  • Weekly resources, exercises and tools



How To Work With A Registered Dietitian For Nutrition Therapy & Body Image


Reach out!

This can be scary but gets the ball rolling! You are taking an Important step in healing and impoving your relationship with food, your body and yourself! You can send emails, DMs, ask friends/ medical providers for recommendations who you think might be a good fit for you.


Discovery Call

The discovery call is a way for you to meet the dietitian and hear more about their approach, and to share what you’re looking for, logistics and if you feel like it’s someone you'd feel comfortable working with. Don't be afraid to set up calls with more than one provider! Most providers offer these free calls for you to find the best fit for you, your budget, your needs and schedule.


Initial Session

Now we’re talking -- literally! You will fill out some initial intake forms, and give background information before this session so you and your RD are the same page. This is the longest session. (if we work together, 75 min) where we talk about your health history. relationship with food growing up, experiences with dieting / disordered eating. body image, stress, sleep, movement, and your goal for working together.


Follow ups

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions that dig deeper into these topics. Together we will create a plan to discuss your goals, weekly exercises, wins, challenges and anything that has come up for between appointments. This is your safe, brave space and time to get support. for areas you’re struggling with, celebrate wins and give you the tools, confidence and support to improve your relationship with food and your body- without obsession.

Ready To Get Started?

Book your discovery call with Brenna today


You’re Probably Wondering…

Weekly or biweekly. Our initial session and first follow up are one week apart. After that you and your dietitian will decide on a frequency that feels most supportive to you and your care.

I am not in-network with any insurance companies. Depending on your coverage plan we may still be able to utilize your benefits. If you call your insurance company and ask about ‘out of network coverage’ they will let you know if you are eligible for reimbursement, partial or in-full. I would then provide a superbill (which is like a receipt of services) and you would send that to your insurance company for reimbursement. I’ve had many clients have success with this! It depends on your plan, I’m happy to help in this process, too.

How to find out about your out-of-network benefits:

  1. Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask about your ‘out of network benefits for nutrition therapy’
  2. They will ask for the service code. The codes you’re asking about are: 97802 or 97803.
  3. Questions you may want to ask: What is my deductible and how much of my deductible have I met? Is there a limit to the number of sessions covered per year? Is my coverage dependent on diagnosis? What diagnoses are covered?

Yes! I’ll share a communication authorization form with you that will allow me to connect with your therapist, or other medical providers. This allows us to create a team where we can all be on the same page, coordinate care and support you through this work.

No. We don’t provide meal plans that indicate what you should or shouldn’t eat. If you’re struggling with coming up with ideas on what to eat, we will be able to brainstorm meals, assess adequacy of eating, create plans to support challenging areas around grocery shopping, cooking or choosing what to eat. You will not receive a meal plan but we will explore and create support to help move through the challenges that come from past diets and food rules so that you can feel more confidence around these decisions.

Everyone begins working together at a different place or stage of their relationship with food. On average clients work together for 6 months 

If my standard rates are out of your budget, please ask for sliding scale availability. If my sliding scale spots are filled, I will be happy to point you towards another provider who might be a good fit. 

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