Nutrition therapy that meets you where you are.

The Wellful is your non-diet community and private practice dedicated to calling out diet culture and providing you with resources to support you to live your life without obsession or restriction. In this corner of the internet you’ll find: a community of thousands dedicated to rebuilding their relationships with food and their bodies, education, and support for eating without the guilt and learning to respect and care for the body you’re in.

Our Mission

Have  you ever  felt totally  overwhelmed  with how much conflicting  information  there is out there  – ‘eat this’  ‘not that’  ‘that’s too much!’ ‘only that on the weekends!’ – and, our relationships  with food and  our bodies  are complicated.

Our mission is to make  nutrition and overall  health less  confusing. We’re  here to bring  you  nutrition therapy and education that isn’t founded  in diet culture — or  unrealistic . We want  to empower  you to eat in a  way  that  nourishes  your body  and soul,  move your body in a way that honors it,  and  live your life  in a way that makes  you feel  your best. When  you spend  less brain space  obsessing  over food, exercise  and what your body looks like, your  life becomes so  much bigger.  You start being able  to  fully  show up as yourself  and  for  yourself.

Being a human is hard! I hope this space helps you feel a little less alone and reminds you to celebrate the hard work you’re doing along the way. 

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Brenna O-Malley

Brenna O’Malley, RD & Founder

I’m Brenna, so nice to meet you. I’m the founder of The Wellful and a registered dietitian who offers non-diet nutrition therapy, specializing in recovery from disordered eating, eating disorders, chronic dieting and body image issues.

I first became interested in the field of nutrition when struggling with food intolerances and my relationship with food in high school. These struggles led me into the office of a registered dietitian. That office is where I first started to connect the dots between how we eat and how we feel

So much of the information we receive around health, nutrition and wellness focuses on dietary specifics – macros, calories, and labeling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I care more about the context and the why. What is your relationship with food? What is your relationship with your body? Do those relationships control your mood and daily activities?

I work from the bottom up with my clients. We need to create a stable foundation around your relationship with food and your body before anything else. If we don’t have that foundation, anything we add on top can’t be supported, and it’ll feel chaotic and hard to manage.

I really love helping people find freedom from diet culture and food guilt. Helping them get back to doing the things they love without letting food rules or a number on the scale dictate their day.

Most of my work is dedicated to working directly with clients offering nutrition therapy and body image support as they work towards ditching food guilt, dismantling diet culture and building a more sustainable relationship with food and their body. Another aspect of my work is consulting in media, writing and marketing how we talk about food, bodies, health and wellness.

I created The Wellful to create a space for people to come when they start to realize diet culture doesn’t care about them or their health. For people who are tired of being on the cycle of diet after diet and don’t want to be feeling this same way in 10 or 20 years. I hope as you read through this site, connect with me on Instagram, or work with me in session, you feel more confident and less alone in this vulnerable, emotional, really brave work.

I’m constantly inspired by my clients who are reclaiming their lives from diet culture or the pressure to take up less space.  I’m so grateful for this community and to you for choosing me to be a part of your life in this way. I’m so glad you’re here!


At The Wellful we use a non-diet, weight-inclusive, individualized and intersectional approach to nutrition therapy, body image support and health. We believe that context matters, honor your lived experience, we practice from a Health at Every Size (HAES®) perspective. All foods fit in our book, and ‘guilt’ is never an ingredient.


In addition to working with clients, Brenna, consults for food & health companies on their social media and marketing. She is nationally recognized in the media, and her writing is regularly featured in Well+Good, HuffPost, POPSUGAR, Shape, Forbes, Bustle, Outside Magazine and more.

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Our philosophy
When it comes to nutrition education at The Wellful, we firmly believe in 3 things:

1. We can feel our best without feeling obsessed.
2. Our relationship with food and our body is as important as what we put into our body.
3. Nutrition doesn’t need to be confusing or complicated.

With so many diet messages available to us, we hear a lot about the specifics of food and conflicting information around that food. We rarely hear about the importance of holding space for, understanding and rebuilding a healthy relationship with that food and your body to be able to put nutrition and health information to use in a way that honors your body.

Education & Credentials

New York University, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

Massachusetts General Hospital, Dietetic Internship, 1200+ hours of Supervised Clinical Practice with Concentration in Intuitive Eating

Commission on Dietetic RegistrationActive RDN Credentials

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP), Active Member

Ongoing supervision and additional trainings

Recent trainings I’ve really enjoyed:

  • Neurodivergent Affirming and Queer Affirming approaches to Food and Body 5-Part Series
  • Weight-Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetic (WIND) Conference
  • Harm Reduction Approaches to Eating Disorder Treatment, by Nalgona Positivity Pride,  (ongoing)
  • Eating Disorders and Digestive Disorders Course by Marci Evans
Brenna O'Malley RD