Let’s be honest, there is a LOT of confusing and conflicting nutrition, health and wellness information online. We’ve compiled some of the best resources to support you in learning more about body image, a non-diet approach, intuitive eating and more.

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Resources to learn more

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Recommended Resources

Burnt Toast Substack – Virgina Sole-Smith

Lose Hate Note Weight – Virgie Tovar’s TEDx Talk

Grieving the Thin Ideal – Meredith Noble

‘You Don’t Look Anorexic’ – Kate Siber, New York Times Magazine 2022

Smash the Wellness Industry – Jessica Knoll, New York Times 2019

What is ‘Intuitive Eating’? – Jenny Sugar, PopSugar 2019

‘Poodle Science’ Video by ASDAH

How to Respond When A Kid Asks “Am I Fat?” – Virgie Tovar on Laura Thomas’ Podcast

Recommended Podcasts

Maintenance Phase [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Rethinking Wellness [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Unsolicited: Fatties Talk Back [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Diet Starts Tomorrow [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Wellness Check [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Fierce Fatty [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

What the Actual Fork [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Honey Dew Me [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Swipe Fat [Apple Podcasts] [Swipe Fat]

Real Pod [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]

Food Pysch [Apple Podcasts] [Spotify]


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