Food Fads De-bunked: Food Trends and Project Runway

You can’t scroll through your Instagram or stroll through the aisles of Whole Foods without seeing products proudly containing collagen, charcoal, probiotics or fermented foods.Welcome to the start of our new series focused on shedding some light on Food Trends – from food products, diet trends, common questions and some Instagram (or other media) myths or misconceptions.

Should You Be Consuming Charcoal?

Activated charcoal has been a rising star on the health & wellness scene the past couple of years but why are we drinking it again? Activated charcoal lovers will say that it rids your body of toxins, counteracts a weekend of overindulgence and combats hangovers, but the research isn’t quite as strong to support that, so your black drink might be doing you and your wallet more harm than good. Here’s the breakdown.