What do food trends and Project Runway have in common?

One week you’re in and the next week you’re out.

You can’t scroll through your Instagram or stroll through the aisles of Whole Foods without seeing products proudly containing collagen, charcoal, probiotics or fermented foods.

Even if you think you don’t follow the ‘trends’ of foods, we consume media, advice from professionals, influencers and friends that change and affect what and how we eat. Not all of this is good or bad (stay tuned for a newsletter on the language we use around food and health later) but it does all impact what we think and know about food.

Welcome to the start of our new series focused on shedding some light on Food Trends – from food products, diet trends, common questions and some Instagram (or other media) myths or misconceptions.

 It’s easy to find opinions online so rather than be another nagging voice in your head, we’re going to be sharing as many reliable and researched resources as we can to help you find what works best for you.

Let’s get started.

What’s that white stuff? 

Why is everyone obsessed with collagen? Had you even heard of it before 2016? Now you can find it mixed in anything from coffee to cookies and it seems to be part of everyone’s routine. You’re left to wonder, should you be drinking the collagen kool-aid?

Here’s what we know:

What collagen is  
What research is out there 
Where it comes from and other ways to get collagen (non-powdered) 
Should you use collagen to prevent aging skin?

Wellful Thoughts: While there isn’t much research indicating that collagen is harmful for you and it does add protein to whatever you mix it with, we vote that we wait for more research before we call it the fountain of youth.  

Charcoal: not just for grilling?

If your mom could see you chugging charcoal or sprinkling it on popcorn she would probably tell you to spit it out, right? Charcoal has been used in traditional medicine and in the hospital setting as a way to treat overdoses but in the past few years we’ve seen it become as mainstream as lemonade and ice cream. So, just because someone puts it in your favorite foods should you eat it?  

Here’s the breakdown:

Should You Stop Consuming Charcoal? (we wrote this!)
Out of Office NY

The Activated Charcoal Trend isn’t just Nonsense, It Could Actually Hurt You
SELF Magazine

Charcoal Ice Cream is a Thing But Should You Actually Eat it?
Shape Magazine

Wellful Thoughts: If you’re craving black ice cream, go for black sesame and leave the charcoal for grill.

What trends are you most curious or confused about? Comment below and tell us what you want to hear about next!

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