5 Steps to Your Summer Body

‘Tis the season for “quick fix summer body” posts, fad diets, cleanses and workouts for a six-pack. These topics indicate that there is something wrong with your body now or that it’s not “good enough” for summer, SO to combat that, here are 5 tips to your summer body that has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel, nourishing yourself and moving in a way that feels good.

Happy Holiday Tips [Newsletter]

‘Tis the season for shopping, baking, catching up with friends and family and…too many emails. But we promise we’ll keep this one short! Here’s to a holiday season filled with loved ones, low on stress and FREE of fad-diet or negative body image messages. Ya know, a Wellful holiday.

Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Mindfulness

The best gift this holiday season? Time and productivity. Give the gift of mindfulness this year. Go beyond the consumerism of the holidays and give your loved ones a grounding gift that never gets old or expires. What’s on the top of your list this year?

IE Holidays: A Well, FULL Mindset for the Holidays

While most holidays have some central eating component, Thanksgiving really takes the cake (or pie?). But of course food is a big part of the day and celebration which impacts all of our attitudes and behavior around the day. And let’s face it, that can be tough. We’re sharing some tips to help you be in control of your Thanksgiving celebration, no guilt necessary.