3 Steps to Prevent Hunger from Becoming Hanger

how to prevent hanger

Let’s say ‘goodbye’ to hanger and ‘hello’ to food freedom.

Hanger. It sucks. We’ve all been there. It happens when hunger sneaks up on you. The hunger grows and grows, and by the time you get the chance to find some sort of sustenance, you are overwhelmed by the pit in your stomach and you are ready to shout at whoever crosses your path. Not pretty, I know. Let’s discuss how to prevent hanger (it might not be what you expect).

But, what if I said that being hangry doesn’t need to be a part of your plans? What if I said there’s a way to reduce how often the hanger strikes?

I know some of you are rolling your eyes. You’re thinking “ok yea you just eat” and while that’s true, there are some tricks you can use to prevent hanger from hitting you when you least expect it. There’s a way for you to plan so that you don’t dissolve into a grouchy mess.

1. Step 1 in how prevent hanger: eating regular meals and snacks

Yes, even when there is a special meal coming up, you still need to eat throughout the day {before & after}. Even if you are planning on going out for dinner, or ordering special take out, your body still needs and deserves nourishment before and after. You do not need to “save” your intake for a specific meal. Body’s don’t know when we are trying to wait for a big meal and instead they interpret it as famine. ~Not a good look~ A good guiding framework is to note the last time you ate. If it’s been 4-5 hours, even if you aren’t hungry, consider eating a snack. When we are thinking about how to prevent hanger, we are also thinking about how to make satisfying, filling choices around food.

2. Combine food groups to make a satisfying and delicious meal

A combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fat will provide you with lasting energy. The “staying power” of meals like this will protect you from getting hungry an hour later. Think: what keeps you full for longer: Plain toast? OR, avo toast with an egg?

3. Notice your hunger and fullness cues

Ok yes this is another DUH moment, but I’m being serious, if you feel hungry (even if you just ate), your body is telling you that you are still hungry and you need to eat. If you felt starving and scooped a good-sized portion onto your plate, but you filled up quicker than expected, you have permission to wrap it up and save it for later.

When hunger is ignored, the next eating opportunity can result in eating past fullness in order to resolve the pit of hunger sitting in your stomach. (And hey! Sometimes this happens.) But by showing your body that you can listen and respond to hunger cues appropriately, you’ll feel less of the “last supper” mentality every time you eat.

You are not required to eat every morsel of food on your plate if you aren’t hungry anymore. Conversely, if you finish your plate and you’re still hungry, your body is telling you that you need more.

Reminders for how to prevent hanger

  • Skipping breakfast and/or another meal before a special dinner will inevitably end in hanger and overeating. You do not need to analyze each bite that enters your mouth in hopes of “saving your calories for later.” That’s just not how it works.

  • Remember that food is energy, and without it, your body cannot function Think: your brain, organs, emotions, movement/physical activity, etc. all require energy

SO eat your meals, eat some snacks, tell your friends that you love them, and wave goodbye to your hangry self. You are way more fun when you’re properly nourished!!

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