History of Shapewear and Body Autonomy

If you’re like me, you just finished binge-watching Bridgerton and can’t get enough of the glamorous lifestyle of each character. The young ladies are in pursuit of finding a husband, and so they work hard to ensure their attractiveness. Some characters work on their piano skills, others on just the right dress. Though the show is fictional, it has me wondering how much we find ourselves trying to shape and conform our own bodies and lives in the pursuit of acceptance and love. My question is, are things like shapewear and bodily autonomy mutually exclusive?

12 Actually Inclusive Clothing Brands

Not all brands offer a wide range of sizes or even show those different sizes on different models! To help you get started, I have compiled a list of great places to begin.

Jennifer Silvershein Teplin    LCSW 

My goal was to create a space that I wish I had when I was younger – a space where there was an expert eager and ready to hear my story and help me write a beautiful next chapter. – Jennifer Silvershein Teplin, LCSW

Katrina Leggins, MSW-U/S

Katrina Leggins is founder @knicolewriting, an informational and inspirational platform created to provide individuals with mental health tools and resources needed to navigate through life to help accomplish their goals and inspired through positive written expression! Katrina is also the co-founder of Becoming The Full Package, a workshop series for helping women focus on their mental health, wellness, self-image, and beauty.

Shira Rose, LCSW

Shira is an eating disorder therapist with a private practice, author of a body positive style blog, TheShiraRose.com, and is passionate about doing what she can to make this world a safer and more inclusive place for people in larger bodies which she shares through her instagram account, @theshirarose.

Cameron Rogers, Content Creator  

Cameron Rogers is a certified health coach, content creator, recipe developer, founder of @FreckledFoodie, and creator of Freckled Foodie and Friends, her podcast focused on making healthy living approachable!

Mimi Cole

This week, we are interviewing Mimi Cole, a future therapist and founder of @the.lovelybecoming, a blog discussing all things about mental health, intuitive eating, disordered eating, and Health At Every Size (HAES®)

Dalina Soto MA, RD, LDN

The Wellful Welcomes Dalina Soto! Dalina is founder of Nutritiously Yours & Latina Nutrition, a Philly based private practice. She is one of Philadelphia’s leading Spanish speaking dietitians and nutritionists.

A Break From The Gym: Why it Might Be Best for Your Health

This change in routine, while inconvenient, can also be an opportunity to check-in on your relationship with exercise and your body. This article shares some insight and tools you can put into place to check in and work on your relationship with exercise.

What is Intuitive Eating?

How do you start Intuitive Eating? Answering the most common questions I hear from clients about how to stop dieting find food freedom.

Meet The Goods Mart

Meet The Goods Mart, a new kind of convenience store full of better-for-you options that are also socially-conscious.

How to deal with a ‘bad’ body image day

Just like we all have bad hair days, bad body image days are normal, too! And they can feel awful. I’m sharing tips on how to re-frame and deal with what comes up on these days – no diets or extremes required!