How to Drink More Water

This article was originally posted on Out of Office NYC on 10/30/17.

You’ve probably heard that you can survive 3 weeks without food but only a few days without water. Our bodies are nearly 60% water and it’s a crucial part of the body’s everyday activities. And while drinking water in the morning isn’t going to ‘set your metabolism on fire’ or cause a significant calorie burn, it does ensure everything is running properly for your day, like metabolism, digestion and proper brain function. So here are some easy ways to get some more H2O into your day.

Keep water by your bed

Whether it’s a water bottle or a cup that you fill before bed or in the morning, keep it on your bedside table. It will be like a reminder for you to drink before you go to sleep and wake up.

Order your morning coffee with a water

If you buy coffee or matcha in the morning and having a reminder inside your apartment isn’t so helpful, try for one at your coffee shop. They almost always have a water fountain or will give you a cup with water while you wait for your order. You can check your emails and hydrate all before you’ve had your coffee. That’s a win.

Have a cup to refill at your desk

If you work in any sort of an office or desk, leave a mug or cup there to fill with water throughout the day. Seeing it will be a good reminder to drink up and a good excuse for a stretch break every couple hours to fill it up.

Eat foods that are hydrating

In the summer we’re all about watermelons and juicy fruits that contain high water percentages but when the cooler months roll around it’s easy to forget that we can get water from foods too! Try adding high water-volume foods to your diet, like cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, baby carrots. Even soups are hydrating!

Bring a water bottle with you

It’s so simple and maybe you’re rolling your eyes but if you have a water bottle with you, you’re more likely to remember to drink from it and fill it up during the day (and then you won’t have to pay whatever the price of a water bottle is these days – $3? $4?!) If you’re on-the-go throughout it’s easy to go a full day without realizing you haven’t had anything to drink, so pack ahead.

Set a Reminder

Some apps and smartwatches have been coming out with settings that remind you to stand up or stretch, but they also can remind you to drink water.  Even if you don’t have one of them, you can still set an alert on your phone to remind you throughout the day.

Alternate alcohol and water

If you’re out for drinks, water is often your last thought but alcohol is actually dehydrating so it’s important to re-hydrate for every glass. Try to stick to the rule of having one glass of water for every drink, you’ll stay hydrated and maybe even spend less on drinks, maybe.

How do you stay hydrated throughout the day? Tell us in the comments!

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