5 Body-Inclusive Swimwear Brands for Summer

It’s that time of year again, swimsuit season is around the corner! Fret not, this article does not promise to magically change your body so that you can fit into any swimsuit in any store. That it is not possible, but we can find options that make you feel good and make the process of […]

How to Stress Less About Your Body During Study Abroad

You booked your flight, you’ve mapped out all the sights you want to see…but the negative worries of body image, what clothes to pack and the stress of being out of your routine is starting to settle in. Here are 3 tips to kick off your abroad experience worrying about the stuff that matters (do you have your passport!?) instead of the stuff that doesn’t (your pants size or how many workouts you squeezed in this week).

This Gluten-Free Blueberry Banana Bread is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Here we have THE BEST gluten free banana blueberry bread that was every made. It’s moist, delicious, super easy and falls apart in the best way. Make it for your friends, make it for your boss, make it for yourself, for people you love or people you can’t stand – but definitely make it.

Why I Ate Wednesdays

Changing the What to the WHY for a Why I Ate Wednesday. Taking the stigma and judgement out of our day of eating and bringing awareness to the many reasons there are that we eat. Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks and the reasons why! Hint: it’s not always what you think! #whyiatewednesday

5 Steps to Your Summer Body

‘Tis the season for “quick fix summer body” posts, fad diets, cleanses and workouts for a six-pack. These topics indicate that there is something wrong with your body now or that it’s not “good enough” for summer, SO to combat that, here are 5 tips to your summer body that has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel, nourishing yourself and moving in a way that feels good.

Book These Warm Weather Wellness Retreats ASAP

This article was originally posted to My Life OOO on February 9, 2017. Not that anyone’s counting, but there are just over 100 days left until summer (okay, maybe we are counting). But what better way to beat cabin fever than to think warm, happy thoughts and book a retreat to thaw you out. With […]

The Best NYC Fitness Classes To Do With Your SO

This article was originally posted on My Life OOO on February 7, 2018. If you couldn’t snag a resi at that cute spot in the Village this Valentine’s day, there’s probably a reservation open at one of these NYC Fitness Classes and they are perfect for a date night! Those who sweat together, stay together […]

What is Intuitive Eating? [Newsletter]

If You’re Reading This, You’re More Woke Than Weight Watchers. Why is #WakeUpWeightWatchers trending? And what IS Intuitive Eating? Here’s your Wellful scoop plus a few free things we’re loving this February

IE Holidays: A Well, FULL Mindset for the Holidays

While most holidays have some central eating component, Thanksgiving really takes the cake (or pie?). But of course food is a big part of the day and celebration which impacts all of our attitudes and behavior around the day. And let’s face it, that can be tough. We’re sharing some tips to help you be in control of your Thanksgiving celebration, no guilt necessary.

How to Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard that you can survive 3 weeks without food but only a few days without water. Our bodies are nearly 60% water and it’s a crucial part of the body’s everyday activities. And while drinking water in the morning isn’t going to ‘set your metabolism on fire’ or cause a significant calorie burn, it does ensure everything is running properly for your day, like metabolism, digestion and proper brain function. So here are some easy ways to get some more H2O into your day.

The Best Things to Buy At Trader Joe’s According to A Nutritionist


Whole Foods might get all the attention for healthy food options, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. We all love Trader Joe’s for a good grocery deal (definitely not for its insane lines that wrap around the aisles). But, TJ’s is more than just the most affordable option, they’ve been upping their game with healthy choices that your wallet and tastebuds can agree on. So, before you drop your *entire* paycheck at Whole Foods, stop by Trader Joe’s, and pick these up items first.

Should You Be Consuming Charcoal?

Activated charcoal has been a rising star on the health & wellness scene the past couple of years but why are we drinking it again? Activated charcoal lovers will say that it rids your body of toxins, counteracts a weekend of overindulgence and combats hangovers, but the research isn’t quite as strong to support that, so your black drink might be doing you and your wallet more harm than good. Here’s the breakdown.