Wellful Holiday Pocket Guide

Wellful Holiday Pocket Guide


Tired of feeling torn between enjoying the holidays and ‘sticking to your diet’? This pocket guide is packed with 10 days of Intuitive Eating resources, Mindfulness exercises and nutrition and health tools for you to use to not only get through the holidays, but enjoy them too!

In this guide you get

  • 10 days of guided exercises and interactive resources to help you ditch the diet and have a more mindful, healthy relationship with food.

  • 22 exclusive downloads and worksheets

  • Topics including

    • How to Practice Mindful Eating

    • Intuitive Eating - Tuning into Your Hunger, Fullness and Satisfaction

    • What to Do If You ‘Overeat’ at the Dinner Party

    • Cultivating Gratitude Exercises

    • How to Challenge the Food Police

    • Debunking Holiday Nutrition & Health Myths

    • Tips on Spotting a Health Fad

    • How to Navigate Diet and Food Talk

    • Why ‘All Foods Fit’

    • and more!

You have enough things to worry about this time of year, food and dieting doesn’t need to be one of them!

*This guide was made focusing on Thanskgiving and winter holidays but the lessons apply to any time of year or event*

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This guide is for you:

Do you feel like: “How can I enjoy the holidays and ourselves if I’m so consumed with all these rules and stress around food?” “How do I not fall off this month?” “I always head into New Year’s feeling like a I need a total reset.”

Do you want a guide filled with over 22 exclusive worksheets and resources that you can follow at your own pace? If you’re ready for the holidays without the guilt and food rules, then this guide is for you!

You’ll Get:

2 weeks of daily exercises, including practical tips you can use day-of, reasons why dieting doesn’t work, how to start eating with intuition, ideas for what to say in a sticky food/body conversation, and how nutrition and health fit go hand in hand with enjoying the holidays. This guide is PACKED with exclusive resources and exercises to help you head into the holidays and into the New Year feeling GOOD! No guilt or fad diets required (or allowed!).

Topics covered:

  • How to swerve diet talk

  • Gentle nutrition

  • Why ‘all foods fit’

  • What to eat leading up to the holiday meal

  • How to practice mindfulness and gratitude everyday

  • Reasons not to start a holiday diet

  • Mindful Eating

  • How to spot a fad diet

  • Understanding hunger and fullness

  • Why satisfaction is important