12 Actually Inclusive Clothing Brands

inclusive clothing brands

So you’ve traded in the trips to the mall for the comfort and safety of online shopping in your own home. It’s surely the new “norm”, but is it easy? Not all brands offer a wide range of sizes or even show those different sizes on different models! To help you get started, I have compiled a list of inclusive clothing brands to consider:

Savage x Fenty

    • “Savage X Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity.” Founded by Rihanna, this brand not only offers inclusive sizing for women AND men, but  there is so much diversity in the people who are actually wearing the pieces you are shopping for!

American Eagle & Aerie

    • The AEO brand’s goal is to be inclusive and celebrate the individuality of each and every one of its customers. Aerie, one of the AEO brands, was one of the first brands to pledge to stop retouching their model’s in pictures. They offer a wide range of sizes (and you can tell, they have models who represent many shapes and sizes), even including short and longer inseams.

Universal Standard

    • “If 67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, why were their options so dismal? It was clear that all women weren’t given the same level of style, quality, or even respect.”

    • This brand offers some of the most inclusive sizing we have seen from sizes 00-40! They also have a program called “Fit Liberty” in which you can exchange your clothing for a different size if you need to, at no cost. I love that they have a diverse group of people modeling their clothing so you can really get an idea of how each piece would fit on a different body.


    • “The heart of Sotela is to restore your relationship with clothing and to celebrate the strength and resilience of your body.” Sotela actually has very different sizing, in an effort to move away from the often stigma-ridden labels such as “small, medium, large”.

    • Many of their pieces offer pictures with different sized models as well, so you can get a better idea of what it will look like on any body.


    • Target offers a range of extended sizes in the form of different in-store brands. One of my favorite brands of theirs is Ava & Viv. Their sizes extend to 4X and their in-store mannequins were created with body sizes to reflect it!


    • This may have been the first swimwear brand I found that actually represented bodies that are often lacking this area of fashion. This brand not only has very stylish swimsuits, but you can browse and choose one that might look best on your body based on their many different models. Their mission is to spread body positivity and help you find swimwear that makes you FEEL GOOD!


    • SmartGlamour has one of the coolest features, “Shop by model”. You have the choice of scrolling through their many different models to find one that may have a similar shaped and sized body and see what their pieces look like on that specific model. They also offer custom sizing, made to order clothing. Talk about inclusive!

Girlfriend Collective

    • Not only is Girlfriend Collective an ethically sourced brand, but they have an extensive size range. Most pieces come in sizes from XXS to 6X! I also love that they show their pieces on people of many different body sizes.

Zappos Adaptive

    • Zappos Adaptive is a great resource for clothing and accessory brands that are made with adaptive features in mind. They have categories that offer easy on/off shoes, AFO friendly shoes, sensory friendly clothing, seated clothing, and more.

Fat Trunk Jeans

    • Fat Trunk Jeans were designed to fill the much needed gap of plus size jeans for men. This brand prides itself on offering functional, stylish, and high quality jeans for larger bodied men.

Dia and Co

    • Is a clothing brand for larger bodied women. The founder, Nadia Boujarwah, created this brand in 2015 as a way of celebrating the individuality of every woman!

Old Navy

    • Another great big box store option for larger bodied people. Old Navy’s Women’s Plus brand offers sizes up to 4X. Their website offers many diverse models as well to help you choose the style of clothing that may look best on you!

This post was written by Brittany Hill, Dietetic Intern. Brittany is a current dietetic student at Keiser University. She graduated from University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in human communication. She would like to combine the two degrees in her career to offer care in a Health at Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, and body liberation lens. Her goal is to help others find freedom around food, cooking, movement and body image.

In her free time, Brittany loves to bike on trails around town, paint, sing karaoke with her boyfriend and spend time with family and her pets (a very cute pitbull-mix and a handsome bearded dragon).


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