What to Do When Body Image Makes it Hard to Get Dressed

body image

It’s a tale as old as time: you’re going about your morning feeling a little off about your  body image, and then you find yourself in front of your closet with nothing to wear. No, you’re not looking at a closet full of empty hangers, but it feels like you might as well be. In […]

What Is Orthorexia? When Does It Become Dangerous?


“Healthy eating” is something a lot of people strive for, but can it ever become too much? As it turns out, yes. The desire to eat as “healthy” as possible can become unhealthy if it’s taken too far. Orthorexia nervosa is a term that has become  increasingly common  as more and more people strive for […]

The Relationship Between Social Media and Body Image

social media and body image

Social media has become an integral part of many of our lives, with millions of people scrolling through their feeds every day. While it has brought people closer from all parts of the world and has many benefits, there are also negative consequences associated with it. One of the major problems with social media is […]

How to Help a Teen Develop a Positive Body Image

positive body image

Being a teenager can be tough. This is a time of change and self-discovery and it’s not uncommon for teenagers to struggle with their body image. The pressure to look a certain way, whether it is from peers, media, or society, combined with growth spurts, puberty and new changes to their body can be overwhelming. […]

Building a Healthy Relationship With Exercise

healthy relationship with exercise

Exercise is a delicate topic in the world of eating disorder recovery. While movement can have its place in just about everyone’s lives, there’s a fine line between engaging in physical activity because it brings you joy and using exercise as a way to compensate for the food you ate. People who struggle with eating […]

What Should You Do When Eating Feels Hard?

eating feels hard

Whether it’s a food rut, ED thoughts are feeling loud, you’re experiencing low appetite, stress, or just not feeling it — some days, eating is just hard. And, your body still needs food. Here are some things to try if this is you, or feel free to save and keep it for a future hard […]

10 Body Image Facts and Statistics You Should Know

body image facts

Body image and the discourse around it are pretty much everywhere. Society and the media play major roles in influencing how we see ourselves, which often results in critical body image and can result in low self-esteem. Here at The Wellful, we’re dedicated to calling out diet culture and providing people with resources to support […]

What is Body Checking and How Do I Stop?

how to stop body checking

Self-acceptance is a journey that can take time, patience, and a good bit of work. Oftentimes, learning to accept yourself is intertwined with body image. In a society that tends to emphasize unrealistic beauty standards, having a negative or complicated body image is unfortunately commonplace for many people. Dissatisfaction with how you look could result […]

Understanding Negative Body Image & How to Overcome It

negative body image

Body image is a tricky topic. We all have feelings about our bodies, some of which are good and some of which are not so good. Having negative body image thoughts is normal from time to time, but if you find that all of your thoughts about your appearance are distressing, it may be worth […]

How to Stress Less About Your Body During Study Abroad

You booked your flight, you’ve mapped out all the sights you want to see…but the negative worries of body image, what clothes to pack and the stress of being out of your routine is starting to settle in. Here are 3 tips to kick off your abroad experience worrying about the stuff that matters (do you have your passport!?) instead of the stuff that doesn’t (your pants size or how many workouts you squeezed in this week).

How to Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard that you can survive 3 weeks without food but only a few days without water. Our bodies are nearly 60% water and it’s a crucial part of the body’s everyday activities. And while drinking water in the morning isn’t going to ‘set your metabolism on fire’ or cause a significant calorie burn, it does ensure everything is running properly for your day, like metabolism, digestion and proper brain function. So here are some easy ways to get some more H2O into your day.

The Best Things to Buy At Trader Joe’s According to A Nutritionist


Whole Foods might get all the attention for healthy food options, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. We all love Trader Joe’s for a good grocery deal (definitely not for its insane lines that wrap around the aisles). But, TJ’s is more than just the most affordable option, they’ve been upping their game with healthy choices that your wallet and tastebuds can agree on. So, before you drop your *entire* paycheck at Whole Foods, stop by Trader Joe’s, and pick these up items first.

Should You Be Consuming Charcoal?

Activated charcoal has been a rising star on the health & wellness scene the past couple of years but why are we drinking it again? Activated charcoal lovers will say that it rids your body of toxins, counteracts a weekend of overindulgence and combats hangovers, but the research isn’t quite as strong to support that, so your black drink might be doing you and your wallet more harm than good. Here’s the breakdown.