Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorders can be isolating, but you are not alone in this journey. At The Wellful, we understand the complexities of eating disorder recovery. It’s a journey that demands compassion, […]

History of Shapewear and Body Autonomy


If you’re like me, you just finished binge-watching Bridgerton and can’t get enough of the glamorous lifestyle of each character. The young ladies are in pursuit of finding a husband, and so they work hard to ensure their attractiveness. Some characters work on their piano skills, others on just the right dress. Though the show is fictional, it has me wondering how much we find ourselves trying to shape and conform our own bodies and lives in the pursuit of acceptance and love. My question is, are things like shapewear and bodily autonomy mutually exclusive?

12 Actually Inclusive Clothing Brands


Not all brands offer a wide range of sizes or even show those different sizes on different models! To help you get started, I have compiled a list of great places to begin.