How to Take Care of Yourself This Election Week

How to practice self-care and take care of yourself during Election Day (and week).


Vote and then take care of yourself today, whatever that may mean for you.

  • Lean on your support systems.

  • Take time for yourself.

  • Take what you need.

  • Make taking care of yourself as easy as possible today.

  • Know your body still needs food and food still does not have any moral value.

  • You don’t need to do it “perfectly”, there is no playbook.

How are you taking care of yourself today? Swipe through for some ideas to prioritize your mental and physical health this week. If you are feeling like eating or anything else this week is hard, I see you. Holding space for you and I hope you can lean on your support systems, treatment team, tools you’ve developed to take care of yourself. You have probably never gone through a triggering election cycle like this + a pandemic, months of quarantine + everything else about 2020. So, it makes sense that you might be figuring out how to best take care of yourself right now. Be gentle.

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