Why Does Body Image Change So Much Throughout the Day?

body image changes so much

Ever feel like your body image changes a lot from morning to night? A lot of people experience that. Some days you wake up and you’re on top of the world, only to feel less than stellar once 5 pm rolls around. On other days, you may wake up feeling a little “blah,” but after […]

A Break From The Gym: Why it Might Be Best for Your Health

This change in routine, while inconvenient, can also be an opportunity to check-in on your relationship with exercise and your body. This article shares some insight and tools you can put into place to check in and work on your relationship with exercise.

The Best NYC Fitness Classes To Do With Your SO

This article was originally posted on My Life OOO on February 7, 2018. If you couldn’t snag a resi at that cute spot in the Village this Valentine’s day, there’s probably a reservation open at one of these NYC Fitness Classes and they are perfect for a date night! Those who sweat together, stay together […]

Best NYC Workout Classes (updated 2019)

The Wellful is proud to share their definitive list of the best workouts and fitness studios in NYC. We’ve gone to over 60 studios to tell you which instructors, classes and studios are worth your money, time, and have you walking out like the rockstar you are. Updated in 2019!