Intuitive Exercise & What We’re Sweating This Week [Newsletter]

What We’re Sweating this Week

This week we’re talking intuitive exercise – our favorite fitness classes, workout studios, how to snag the best deal on a class – the whole shebang.

Say ‘Hi’ to Intuitive Exercise

We can’t talk about our favorite workout classes without first addressing our relationship with exercise in the first place. Let’s be honest, we often group exercise in with the pressures and extremes of calories, food, body image, and appearance. This can really put a damper on us enjoying and reaping the mental and physical benefits of movement. Intuitive Exercise, in short is tuning in to your body to embrace movement that makes you feel good and you enjoy doing. It also touches on letting go of any guilt or pressures you feel around exercise. Doesn’t sound too bad, huh?

Here are a few people we think say it best:
Having a Structure of Spontaneity with Movement – Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RDN, LD
Intuitive Exercise – Constance Weissmuller
Why You Should Give Intuitive Exercise A Try – Holly Goodwin
How I Found the Right Fitness Routine For Me – Jordan Younger
Food Psych Podcast: Intuitive Exercise & Overcoming Depression – Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN

What We’re Sweating: Boxing

NYC always has new workout classes popping up and this Summer we’ve found our new favorite, boxing. These are our top picks 👇👇👇

Rumble Boxing – NYC’s newest studio addition has locations in Flatiron and Noho. There’s always a good playlist & a high chance of a celeb sighting (we took a class with Justin Bieber once!)

Overthrow Boxing – You’ll feel like a professional boxer in this old-school style studio. They teach actual boxing technique, combinations and footwork. Julian is our favorite instructor.

Box & Flow – The perfect balance of flow and fight! You’ll start off with intense rounds of boxing and end with a restorative yoga flow.

You get Dibs on this deal

We’re so excited to offer $5 off your first booking with Dibs when you use the code “THEWELLFUL.” Dibs partners with fitness studios to dynamically price classes in order to deliver more value to each customer. Dibs prices each spot based on real-time demand, determined by things like instructor, time of day, class format, and price paid per seat. Prices go up as class time approaches, so book early for the best deal!

A few of our favorite Dibs NYC Partners are Mile High Run ClubUplift &  Row House see the rest on their website!

Want More Free Fitness and Intuitive Exercise Recommendations?

Why pay full price when you can go for free?! Our friend, Alexa @FitForFreeNYC gives you the scoop on the best deals around NYC so that you can get sweaty at your favorite studios and pay your rent in the same month. #adulting


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