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You can drop into a meditation class, get a manicure in your office, or a blowout during lunch but even with companies like ZocDoc, medical treatments like acupuncture haven’t quite made it to being mainstream at-your-fingertips easy and convenient yet. Enter: WTHN.

Like most news, I discovered WTHN on Instagram when they opened late last year. Before visiting, I had only gotten acupuncture once before and while it was a great experience, the location was inconvenient and ones closer to my Greenwich Village apartment were pretty pricey, so I never made it back. I’ve always valued meditation and mind-body approaches to health, so after reading and hearing more about how acupuncture helped friends’ and others with stress, anxiety and sleep and hearing about WTHN, I decided to give it another shot.

My mom was coming into the city for a visit so I convinced her we should both go together (she had never had acupuncture before!). The booking process was easy, streamlined and manageable to do from your phone (unlike how some websites get glitchy when you use them on mobile – big plus!). You’ll select what you’re interested in having treatment for, write in any past injuries you’ve had and whether or not you’re new to acupuncture. If you’re new, you’ll have an additional 15 minute consultation with our acupuncturist (it’s included in your session.).

There are 3 pillar offerings that serve as a guide; Stay Well prevention for stress and day-to-day maintenance, Be Strong to heal and work on specific ailments, and Shine On which is a facial beauty treatment. Located in Flatiron, the vibe of WTHN feels like SoulCycle meets MNDFL meets Drybar. You’ll walk into the airy and bright space to see open shelves with local and small-batch oils, serums and natural beauty and relaxation products. After checking in, you can store your things in a locker, have a cup of tea or crystal-infused water and read The Sun in Her Flowers or light books on mindfulness while you wait. Your acupuncturist will come and walk you to the treatment rooms where you’ll both have a comfortable chat about what you’re hoping to work on and answer any questions you might have. Once all your acupuncture points are set, you’ll get a set of headphones and have a choice of guided meditations by to listen to for the next 10-15 minutes. Then all you do is relax and breathe. Both me and my mom did the Stay Well packages and had great experiences. We both came out feeling so relaxed, renewed and refreshed.

So good, that I came back the next week to try out another treatment! I asked about focusing on stress and sleep (relatable?) and Kristin was so sweet and answered all my questions about how the treatment worked and what to expect. She told me that we have acupuncture points all over our body and that they’re used in different combinations to interact with our fascial network and stimulate different systems of the body. This time, I also mentioned some jaw clenching I had been noticing over the past few months and she put two additional needles onto the corners of my jaw. We also did the LED light therapy from the Shine On treatment and I went home with ear seeds which look like tiny beads that sit on the pressure points in your ear and fall off after a few days. With so many wellness and health experiences that can seem so exclusive and expensive, it’s exciting to see a place like WTHN breaking into the space and offering services that are convenient, modern and affordable. Acupuncture offers incredible wellness benefits, but don’t forget the importance of meeting your nutritional needs. At The Wellful, we offer personalized nutrition counseling to empower you to make confident choices about nourishing your body.

I received discounted service from WTHN but all opinions are my own.


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