A deep breath a day keeps the doctor away?

Start your day with a 3-minute breathing exercise
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What to say to your friend who wants you to join her sugar detox:

Like, no.

Then send them these:
Is Sugar Addicting and Inflammatory? 
The Real Life RD, Robyn Nohling, FNP, RD, MSN

The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right
Mark Bittman and David L Katz
*an interesting piece and food for thought and commentary on current state of fad diets.
Not specifically IE/HAES/Non-diet*

Four Popular Diet Trends De-bunked by Experts
Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C and Haley Goodrich, RD

I like to move it, move it.

Latest News in Exercise
A Prescription for A Walk in the Park, literally
“Every increase in park visits per week was correlated with a small and incremental decrease in stress”

Fitness Posts Influence Friends – For Better or For Worse
 “When people received more posts about exercise, it made them more concerned about their weight — more self-conscious — and that’s not a good thing.” 

Brain Study Says Music Makes Us Enjoy Exercise More Enjoyable
As it should be! So yes, your time spent making playlists is worth it. 

Move Over March Madness

It’s National Nutrition Month!
*the crowd goes wild*

This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is “Go Further with Food” with a focus on incorporating healthy habits into your day while reducing food waste. Today at 12:15pm EST I’ll be doing a Facebook Live at Massachusetts General Hospital with some general tips on building a balanced plate and reducing food waste.
Can’t make it?
We’ll post a summary later this week!

Something’s Different…

Our website got a facelift! 
Including new featured sections and the announcement of a new project,Wellful Faces, featuring:

“The faces and stories behind the movements, brands and businesses making a difference in the space of health and wellness. Interviews and thoughtful discussions with industry experts and up and comers on where we are and where we’re going in nutrition, health and business.”

Know someone who should be featured? Hit ‘reply’ and tell us! We want to share the stories you want to hear.

Loving This Week

What we’re currently obsessed with.

Health at Every Size
Better late than never! Linda Bacon’s book has been one of the most frequently recommended books we’ve seen and we can’t wait to dive in. 


Fully Nourished RDs
Started by Alexandra Regalado, RD and Felicia Stewart, RD. The two share their tips for you to ‘eat well, live inspired and feel fully nourished.’
Check them out on the ‘gramtheir site or in their feature in the Boston Voyager!

Down Under Yoga 
With locations across Boston, and classes that range from slow flows to 90-minute heated classes, this studio will make you remember why you like yoga (or glad you’ve tried it if it’s your first time!). As a loyal YTTP-goer in NYC (hi, free/reduced classes) Down Under offers your first month unlimited classes for $30 that makes trying out a new studio a little more feasible.

Little-Less-Than Perfect Bars
A take on the fav on-the-go snack, Peanut Butter Perfect Bars! Whip these up for snacks all week that don’t cost $2 a pop #reallife. 

3-Minute Breath Break

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