Intuitive Eating Meal Plan on A Budget

So many of us are worried about money. We are worried about our income, we are worried about our spending, and we are worried about our next meal breaking the bank. I get it. I’m bothered too. The last thing I want to do right now is drop $20 on a squash or $10 on a bag of grapes. So let’s explore– there are endless possibilities for a balanced meal on a budget.

But first, I’m handing you a little reminder that not every meal can or should be perfect.

Society has taught us to look at food as a dichotomy of healthy and unhealthy, but that is not the case. There is not one food that can make or break your health, just as there is no one food that can guarantee you’ll never get sick or get a zit again.

Try to remember, that just like life, eating is all about balance

and labeling food as “good” or “bad” can get in the way.

If there aren’t vegetables in some of your meals, that’s more than ok. There is often more than one serving of vegetables in another meal, or on another day, that will provide your body with these nutrients. I promise that your body will be just fine if you eat less fruit or fewer vegetables on Tuesday than you did on Monday (if you want to dig more into this idea, check out this post on Intuitive Eating).


I realize that this is a suggestion that may make you roll your eyes, but I’m serious. Pasta checks a bunch of boxes: Comforting, affordable, energy-providing. Yes, this is a simple ingredient, yet it is versatile and can so easily be transformed into an upscale dish. There is so much potential.

Things to note:


I wouldn’t want to live in a world where breakfast for dinner isn’t an option. Eggs are an affordable protein that last for 3 to 5 weeks in the fridge and take minimal time to prepare.


This one is versatile– breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. Cheese holds everything together and is a bonus protein in combination with eggs, beans, or chicken. Be liberal with the cheese, you won’t regret it.


There are so many different types of soup to make and customize, but a huge bonus is that soup can be FROZEN. Make a big batch, portion some for the week into a tupperware(s) then tuck the rest away in the freezer. This will help to both prevent soup fatigue (I understand not wanting to eat soup 6 days in a row), but also this means you’ll have meals ready to go for days in the future when cooking is unappealing.

Frozen Vegetables

People often feel apprehensive about frozen vegetables, but the truth is that they are just vegetables. Frozen vegetables are flash frozen at their peak freshness, meaning they might even have more nutrients than the carrots that have been in your fridge for 3 months. Not to mention, frozen vegetables are an affordable option that you can keep on hand for whenever the need strikes.

Some other staples to keep on hand

By no means is this list extensive, but I hope it gives you a few ideas. The goal is to give you fuel, nutrients, and something to enjoy.

And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with PB&J being in the routine!

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