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I’m Brenna, Founder of The Wellful.

So, what’s The Wellful and why do you need it?

Glad you asked! After working for food & beverage startups, writing for food publications, and completing my B.S. in Nutrition at New York University, I found that there was still so much confusion and stress around nutrition and wellness.  In the past month we’ve seen how easily a few headlines can make major waves and spiral out of control (ie. coconut oil). With an abundance of nutrition and health information online, we often hear from those who have the largest microphone, not always those who have the most qualifications.

Enter: The Wellful. Offering easy-to-digest articles, interviews and round-ups about topics in nutrition, health and wellness. From the latest study or diet controversy to investigating a new crop of wellness trends, The Wellful will deliver it from the experts to your inbox.

Here’s to making health, nutrition, wellness (and life?!) a little bit simpler.


What the Health?

Netflix released their newest film last week, What the HealthA follow up to Cowspiracy, this film focuses on the relationship between diet, disease and big business. While this type of film is typically met with controversy (what isn’t?), this one is taking some serious heat.  Here are two articles that spell it out:
Debunking What the Health, the Buzzy New Documentary that Wants You to Be Vegan – Vox
A Vegan Dietitian Reviews What the Health –

Re: Coconut Oil

Remember last month when Instagram’s favorite saturated fat nearly broke the internet? This weekend Eating Evolved launched their new Pina Colada Coconut Butter flavor, so safe to say the coconut industry is back to business as usual.  But if you still feel confused about what all the fuss was about, watch this or this.

August Reading List

Summer might be winding down but our book list isn’t! Here are our picks:
You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero
Soul on Fire E-Book – Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde
Wellth – Jason Wachob of Mind Body Green
Material Girl, Mystical World – Ruby Warrington of The Numinous
Eat with Intention – Cassandra Bodzak


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