Spoiler Alert: My favorite way to eat bananas is in bread (or pancakes) – so basically baked bananas. I’ve made my fair share of banana breads and am certainly not a baking whiz – whenever I bake something and it doesn’t turn out quite right my roommate Alex always asks what I changed of the actual recipe (so I changed the flour, and the sugar, and the leavening agent haha).  Anyway, every once in a while it turns out pretty good and this is one of them! I went blueberry picking up in Sharon, MA this week with my intern class and truly a labor of love (of blueberries) and I knew I had to put them to good use! This bread was super simple and came out super moist and delish. I brought it into the office where I’m doing my staff relief rotation today and it’s been a hit! 


The Best GF Banana-Blueberry Bread



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