8 Podcast Episodes Discussing The Racist Roots of Diet Culture

Throughout this past week, I had the opportunity to hear and see so many Black accounts in the wellness and food space. I want to highlight specific podcasts and conversations led by Black women that bring attention to racism in America and specifically pertaining to body image, mental illness, and body trauma.

3 Tips for Eating & Living During COVID-19

Tips for creating a healthy relationship with food while in quarantine. When I start to feel anxious I remind myself, “This IS temporary!” That’s my mantra right now.

A Break From The Gym: Why it Might Be Best for Your Health

This change in routine, while inconvenient, can also be an opportunity to check-in on your relationship with exercise and your body. This article shares some insight and tools you can put into place to check in and work on your relationship with exercise.

What is Intuitive Eating?

How do you start Intuitive Eating? Answering the most common questions I hear from clients about how to stop dieting find food freedom.

Meet The Goods Mart

Meet The Goods Mart, a new kind of convenience store full of better-for-you options that are also socially-conscious.

How to deal with a ‘bad’ body image day

Just like we all have bad hair days, bad body image days are normal, too! And they can feel awful. I’m sharing tips on how to re-frame and deal with what comes up on these days – no diets or extremes required!

How to Stress Less About Your Body During Study Abroad

You booked your flight, you’ve mapped out all the sights you want to see…but the negative worries of body image, what clothes to pack and the stress of being out of your routine is starting to settle in. Here are 3 tips to kick off your abroad experience worrying about the stuff that matters (do you have your passport!?) instead of the stuff that doesn’t (your pants size or how many workouts you squeezed in this week).

Why “Guilt-Free” Foods are B.S.

De-bunking food marketing and how it changes our behaviors and relationship with food. Wondering what’s the best guilt-free dessert recipe? Here’s why guilt-free foods are B.S.

Is Celery Juice Healthy? And Should You Be Drinking It?

The leaves may be changing colors but the thing that’s staying green is…celery juice? This trend has been ALL over my social media feeds and news headlines the past months – but do you know where it all started? I dug into the research behind the green juicy trend and am sharing that PLUS tips for how to not get tricked by food fads. #unpackingfoodmarketing

Why I Ate Wednesday

Changing the What to the WHY for a Why I Ate Wednesday. Taking the stigma and judgement out of our day of eating and bringing awareness to the many reasons there are that we eat. Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks and the reasons why! Hint: it’s not always what you think! #whyiatewednesday

5 Steps to Your Summer Body

‘Tis the season for “quick fix summer body” posts, fad diets, cleanses and workouts for a six-pack. These topics indicate that there is something wrong with your body now or that it’s not “good enough” for summer, SO to combat that, here are 5 tips to your summer body that has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel, nourishing yourself and moving in a way that feels good.

Copycat Recipe: Peanut Butter Perfect Bars

Homemade Perfect Bars! Easy recipe to make perfect bars at home instead of paying upwards of $2 for. Packed with 8 grams of protein, they’re the perfect snack on-the-go. The perfect homemade grab and go bar!