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So you’ve traded in the trips to the mall for the comfort and safety of online shopping in your own home. It’s surely the new “norm”, but is it easy? Not all brands offer a wide range of sizes or even show those different sizes on different models! To help you get started, I have compiled a list of great places to begin:

This post was written by Brittany Hill, Dietetic Intern. Brittany is a current dietetic student at Keiser University. She graduated from University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in human communication. She would like to combine the two degrees in her career to offer care in a Health at Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, and body liberation lens. Her goal is to help others find freedom around food, cooking, movement and body image.

In her free time, Brittany loves to bike on trails around town, paint, sing karaoke with her boyfriend and spend time with family and her pets (a very cute pitbull-mix and a handsome bearded dragon).

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